Competitive Speaking

Alongside all of the other fabulous opportunities to speak at your club, and any other throughout the world, there is the chance to test your mettle with competitive speaking.
As a fun, with serious intent, clubs will have 3 votes during the meeting in the categories of Best Speaker, Best Evaluator and Best Table Topics.
However for those with a “serious” competitive streak there is the annual world speaking championships. These break down into 5 separate categories.
  • Humorous
  • Evaluation
  • Table Topics
  • Tall Tales
  • International Speech Contest
The competitions allow for those who like to prepare thoroughly with a speech of their own creation, or go “off the cuff” in the Table Topics or Evaluation sections.
As with everything in Toastmasters there is no “arm twisting”! Take part, be part of the organisers or just watch for fun.
All competitions follow the same path, Club, Area, Division, District and finally World.
  • At Club you compete against your fellow members
  • At Area you represent your Club against the “champions” from the other clubs in your area (locality)
  • At Division represent your Area (Club) against approximately half the UK and Ireland
  • At District that’s representing at the National Championship

In 2013 our Club was Table Topics winner at Area and represented at Division by David Hassall

Would you like to take up the challenge of Competitive Speaking?
Imagine being National or World Speaking Champion – and why not?