Competent Leader

There is so much more to being a leader than just standing at the front and making a speech.
Toastmasters have developed a 10 Project system to allow you to learn all the skills needed to become a great leader.
The roles you take on a club member are varied and all designed to give you additional skills.
A selection of the roles.

Sergeant at Arms

You will set up the room ready for the meeting, distribute agendas, comment and communication slips and ensure the meeting starts on time. Perform  a standard meeting start by performing housekeeping duties.


In this role you manage the meeting, introduce each of the speakers, other roles and keep the meeting running smoothly and to time.


This role is of prime importance, aiding the Toastmaster to keep the meeting on track, monitoring and advising all speakers of speech progress using a simple light system to indicate minimum, middle and finishing times.

Table Topics Master

Provide the topics for the members to practice their speaking skills during the impromptu speaking part of the meeting.


Learn the skill of being a great listener and provide feedback to the speaker so that they and other club members learn from the speeches given.

The roles are repeated throughout the 10 Projects allowing you to hone these important skills