Every Member Matters

This is the ethos that drives Ferndown Speakers.

A Toastmasters Club is there to see all of the members grow to their own potential.

The vast majority of visitors to a club have an inner fear of public speaking, and when you talk to people who have been members for 5 or more years they will recount with "affection" how they remember their first meeting in trepidation.

In fact our motto is slightly misleading, true "Every Member Matters", but this actually extends to "Every Visitor Matters" as a visitor to our group you, for that night, become an honorary member.

Our expectations are modest, if you come to see us and our meeting we hope you will

  1. Enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere
  2. See the benefits of being part of a group focussed on everyone growing
  3. Participate, whether it's just applauding the speakers, or even taking part
  4. Let us know what you thought, especially in the unlikely event you don't like it. We won't to improve as much as you

Being all inclusive our club see each and every person as an individual with individual needs, no one is ever pressurised, except in a friendly way to chivvy members along.

Progress at your own pace, follow the speaking or leadership tracks, or both (the normal route) take on roles, don't take on roles, be active, be passive, we welcome people who just sit quietly and enjoy the speeches, one day they will take the plunge, you never know!

What you want is up to you, work on your own or work with the many mentors we have in the club to assist you achieving your goal.

Above all Every Member Matters