1st. Public Speaking

2nd. Room Full of Strangers

...And Death Came Third!

In 1984 a New York Times Survey on Social Anxiety placed death third in the list of people's biggest fears. The top two responses were walking into a room full of strangers and speaking in public.

Bearing this in mind it is unlikely that you are alone in your, secret, fear of public speaking.

Are you dreading a speech at an upcoming wedding or feel you are held back in work because you struggle to communicate with customers or fellow workers?

You can of course attend one of the many 1 day seminars and workshops, or read many of the excellent books to help you overcome this fear, but although you will know the theory and have practised once or twice, will you really be confident to speak in public?

How Can Ferndown Speakers Help You?

Well the best way to find out is to come to one of our friendly meetings. You can contact us straight away or take a further look around this site, there's something for everyone, whether it's a wedding speechbusiness related or you just want to learn more about leadership skills.

So What is Toastmasters?

Despite its name Toastmasters International is not a Guild of men in red coats who propose toasts and introduce speakers at weddings and functions, if you are looking for them then try this site www.natuk.com

Toastmasters International is a worldwide organisation of local clubs where people learn and practice the skills to make them great speakers and leaders, check out The History of Toastmasters International if you want to know more